SENDITOL The Answer to your email problems

senditol the answer to your smtp server problems Depressed?

Trying to send that all important email and it just won't send, or worse your latest email campaign is failing to send with the boss breathing down your neck can be very depressing.

Over worked and unappreciated?

Feeling over worked and unappreciated when you have a deadline to meet and that pesky email gets rejected and won't send.

Can't send emails?

For some unknown reason you can't send that email.  It usually works but something has changed.

550 Relay Denied?

Argh!!! Getting a 550 Relay Denied message when trying to send an email can just be the pits.

What's the Answer?

Well you could try the new wonder drug of the century SENDITOL 1000mg but I wouldn't recommend it. Rumour has it is just a placebo drug and a marketing gimmick. If you're really having email problems and can't send an email then the most likely cause is your current SMTP server or Internet Service Provider (ISP) is blocking you.  Below are just a few reasons why that may be.

  • Your ISP prevents you from sending emails using your own domain name.
  • Your ISP prevents you from sending emails using their servers when you're not connected to their network.
  • You have a dynamic IP, this results in outbound messages being rejected.
  • The block of IP addresses you have been assigned by your ISP has been blacklisted.
  • The network you're attached to has started to filter port 25 and/or port 587.

Ok, ok... What the solution to my sending email problem?

You need to change your outbound SMTP server for an Internet Mail Relay that works anywhere. outMail is a secure Internet Mail Relay and SmartHost requiring authenticated access using a process of AuthSMTP.  Please note outMail is not an open relay, it is a safe and secure SMTP email service.



  • Instant account creation - start sending emails instantly after signing up.
  • Send emails from any address - no limit on send from email addresses or domains.
  • Send emails from any location - ideal for home, office, and mobile users and devices.
  • Mail Relay Outbound Service - SMTP Authenticated Internet Mail Relay.
  • Standard SMTP ports - SMTP port 25 & 587 supported as well as other ports.
  • Alternative SMTP ports - additional SMTP TCP ports available to void your ISP blocking standard SMTP port.
  • SMTP Based Authentication - allows sending emails securely via authentication.
  • Daily quota limits - based on package.
  • Flexible quota burst - allowing for the days you need to exceed your quota (Quota is explained here).


Choose the best package that suits your requirements.

Package Plan

Daily message limit

Cost per month


Outmail 10


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Complete how-to guides with step-by-step instructions on how to configure your client mail application are here.


Please note SENDITOL is a marketing gimmick and thought up one day to give people a laugh because that person couldn't send emails and the boss was screaming that the email campaign hadn't gone out all because they had been blacklisted. There is no such wonder drug but I bet it and this page gave you giggle and put a smile on your face whilst you were surfing the Internet trying to find a solution to your email problems.

SENDITOL may not be real, however the solution discussed on this page is very real.  outMail is a safe and secure SMTP mail relay and SmartHost.  You can use outMail as an alternative outgoing SMTP server knowing it will work anywhere in the world.  In some locations port 25 and 587 have been filtered and/or firewalled which is why outMail supports alternative SMTP ports as well.